EDS Young Lawyer Fund

The Environmental Defence Society is establishing a dedicated EDS Young Lawyer Fund to support one young lawyer's salaryfor an initial period of 3 years.

The appointee will generally have less than five years’ experience post admission. The lawyer will be part of EDS’s litigation team which collectively undertakes the following tasks:

  • Preparing submissions on district, regional and unitary plan reviews
  • Presenting submissions at first instance hearings
  • Acting as junior counsel on appeals to the Environment Court and beyond
  • Supporting innovative litigation including declaration proceedings
  • Updating the Environment Foundation’s online guide
  • Drafting submissions on law changes
  • Undertaking legal research on EDS policy reform projects

Implicit in these tasks is a strategic focus on what we consider to be key environmental issues. These include:

  • Robust and early improvements in freshwater quality
  • Protecting and enhancing our outstanding landscapes
  • Protecting indigenous biodiversity, on land and in the sea
  • Strengthening our oceans management system including supporting more sustainable fishing methods
  • Reforming the broad range of conservation laws
  • Reforming the resource management system

This work program will enable a recent graduate to gain deep experience of environmental law early in his or her career. The position with EDS is a fast-track in professional development and the expectation is that when the appointee moves on, the experience with EDS will have encouraged a life-long commitment and interest in the practice of environmental law.

The quantum sought for the Fund is $50,000. EDS has received an initial pledge of $10,000 per annum for each of the next 3 years from one donor, Marta Fisch. Further support is now sought to create a pool of funders to match Marta’s contribution. Pledges or donations can be made here. An annual activities report will be provided to donors.

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