Wednesday 17 July 2024, Midday – 12.45pm - Zoom webinar

Join EDS’s Policy Director and author of Environmental Defenders, Raewyn Peart, as she journeys through her new book and some highly pertinent lessons from our recent past.

Environmental Defenders: Fighting for our natural world tells the story of how the law has been mobilised over the past 50 years to protect Aotearoa New Zealand’s most precious places. Featuring major environmental battles of the past half century, the book provides an insider’s account of how a small group of lawyers and scientists, under the EDS banner, took on the might of the government and development interests to secure important wins on behalf of the environment.

With the coalition government’s proposals to roll back many of the environmental protections put in place over past decades, Environmental Defenders provides invaluable insights into environmental controversies of today.

The book contains much material that has not previously seen the light of day. It is a substantial hardback richly illustrated with images of some of the most beautiful parts of the country.