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Tipping Points Conference: The Future of Farming

01 June 2017


As we face technology disruption and reach environmental limits, what does the future of farming look like in New Zealand? Can we adapt and apply new models or might New Zealand become the ‘Detroit’ of agriculture? We will hear about the future of food from agricultural futurist Dr Rosie Bosworth, alternative farming models from Landcorp boss Steven Carden and farming within environmental limits from Fonterra’s head of social responsibility Carolyn Mortland. These themes will be further explored in the panel discussion with dairy farmer John Hayward, a recent winner in the Ballance Farm Environmental Awards, agricultural economist Dr Tanira Kingi and veteran environmentalist Guy Salmon.

Disruptive food technologyDr Rosie Bosworth, Senior Strategic Planner, Rethink X

New farming modelsSteven Carden, Chief Executive, Landcorp Farming

Farming within environmental limits, Carolyn Mortland, Director, Social Responsibility, Fonterra

Speaker and Panellist discussion: The way forward for farming in New Zealand 

Dr Tanira Kingi, Research Leader Primary Systems, Scion

John Hayward, Dairy Farmer, Judge Valley Dairies

Guy Salmon, Executive Director, Ecologic