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EDS happy with Minister’s approach on King Salmon

14 February 2018

EDS has expressed support for the approach being taken by the Minister of Fisheries on the King Salmon report and recommendations that he released today.

The special hearings panel has recommended that he approve 3 of 6 sites. The 3 recommended for refusal are ones that EDS opposed on landscape and ecological grounds.

“The report is the product of a controversial fast-track process initiated by the previous Minister, which cut across the normal plan-making process,” said EDS CEO Gary Taylor.

“Minister Nash has said that he intends to take “some months” to consider how he should proceed and will be consulting widely before making a final decision. Clearly he feels uncomfortable with the process he has inherited from his predecessor.

“That is the right approach. The current government is generally opposed to the use of Ministerial override powers in the Resource Management Act. It would be inconsistent for the Minister to use those powers himself.

“We look forward to considering the report and the best way forward. We will be expressing our views clearly to the Minister in due course.

“In general, we favour consideration of an approach where the issues are referred back to Marlborough District Council to address as part of its review of the aquaculture provisions of its plan. Precisely how that can be done needs more thought and we now have time for that.

“Meantime EDS contends that New Zealand needs a properly formulated aquaculture strategy that explores how innovation in the sector can deliver better outcomes. Persisting with attempts to locate industrial scale salmon farms in areas of great landscape value is a poor way forward,” Mr Taylor concluded.

See the full report here.